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Step by step ready for school

Our pre-school program starts at the age of 4½ years. The English knowledgement finally will be proved as our classes contain only 4 pupils. So individual and intensive learning can be offered. After 1½ years the children are well prepared for the elementary school. We start with half an hour per week and increase the hours continuously up to finally 3 days per week each 90 Minutes.

It is very important for us to keep the enthusiasm with learning and to teach to be organized and concentrated. Especially at pre-school we use a lot of Montessori material.

Every lesson starts with a short kinesiology exercise (e.g. across movements), to activate both parts of the brain. Even drinking and moving within a lesson is always part of our program.

Aside from intensive English language training we offer special courses for our pre-school group, which take place once a week:
  • Numberland (quantities, numbers, lengths, weights etc.)
  • French
  • Computer Certificate
  • Weaving, crochet or knitting
In addition we always work on a special project, where also the rest of the group partly joins in. Here are some of our themes:
  • Environment to avoid and separate rubbish
  • a farm visit of an organic farm
  • strangers how to react, the right to say NO
  • fire danger and use of fire, making a camp fire
  • the solar system visit at the planetary
  • pets How to keep them and duties, visit of a pet house
  • Christmas more than only presents, the bible story
  • children of the world how they live, what culture, food etc.
  • friends what does it mean, how to get along
Our aim is to give the children a solid basement for the following years at school.