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Lots of room for ideas: inside and outside!

The playschool resides in our private one-family house. There’s a variety of toys and Montessori-material available in an area of 160 m². We have 4 rooms:
  • Centeral room
    • Preschool-class
    • wardrobe and shelves for each child
    • office
  • Activity room
    • our largest room
    • build up / arrangement of movement parcours
    • different possibilities of swings, trampoline
    • suitable for dancing and ball games
  • Slide room
    • big slide from the loft bed
    • cuddle paradise on the loft bed
    • kitchen corner and a table
    • drawing desk
    • workbench
  • Relax-Room
    • used for relaxation practises with different light effects
    • Build-up of different toys e.g. racing track for cars, marble track, wooden cable car, Duplo or Playmobil world
Of course, there is also a large bathroom to wash hands and brush teeth. Nappies can be changed here as well.

The house is surrounded by a big garden, where the children can let off steam. We have a sandpit, a wooden bridge, a slide with tower, 3 swings, a horizontal bar, and a sea saw. There are lots of different ride-on toys waiting in the shed for children to enjoy movement such as: run-bike, bobby-car, taxi-tricycle, scooter, go-kart, rickshaw.