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Games, Fun and Special Needs are Part of our Program

The best time to start at Lucky Kids for children with no English background is around the age of 2. Children from English speaking families could still join at the age of 3. Our group consists of 17-20 children and is looked after by Angela Hoinik, the manager of our institution, as well as 3 additional, qualified English native speakers and teachers.

Communication is the most important thing
This is our main focus and it implies intensive care taking. The conveyance of English results from the cooperation of activity and text. Every movement is commented on in English, so that the children understand the meaning of what is said through the context. Studying vocabularies or grammar is alien to us! This method is called “immersion”: The child learns a language through daily life as well as through the coherences in their environment. If you like to get more information on bilingual education you can visit the homepage of FMKS

Furthermore, we encourage the support of potential for development as early as possible. Beside the bilingualism we work with the combination of situation pedagogic and chosen elements of the Montessori-Methodology, "help me, to do it on my own".

Using the situations pedagogic we directly respond to the situative interests and questions of the children and include these in our daily routine. This way the children influence the events taking place at the Lucky Kids so the daily routine becomes more interesting and informative for the children.

We complete our daily routine by using specific material and teaching methods from the Montessori-pedagogy, which encourages independence, self-directed playing, as well as experimentation and learning. In an individual way we inspire different kinds and talents of the children and let them decide the pace of studying the world. This way we offer a variety of possibilities, which inspire the children to discover the world of numbers, shapes and colours, sorting sequences of pictures and different materials and elements.

The child’s development, which we encourage in our playschool, is always in the foreground. Independence, self-confidence, social behaviour and emotional intelligence are essential key skills.

LARGE variety of experiences:
Within the framework of our pedagogical claims we offer our children:
  • experiencing nature, wood-days
  • mathematic early science
  • music and dance
  • first experiments
  • using technologies (such as computer, TV)
  • roll plays
  • construction (building blocks?)
  • sports (swimming, horseback-riding, ice-skating)
  • environmental orientated teaching
  • Lots of action in fresh air
We aim on educating every one of the„ Lucky Kids“ to become a curious, open-minded, and self-confident child, who is a passionate learner. A person, who asks questions and questions things. We love to bring together children of german and international families because the contact with other nationalities is helpful for the future of the children. If you also find it important for your child to be educated in a friendly environment with lots of fun in a bright and vivid atmosphere, than maybe our English Kindergarten is just what you are looking for.